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We assisted the abandonment of territories rich in history and memories. We assisted the degradation of the communities that used to live them. We constantly assist to the exploitation of new resources leaving the existing ones empty. The abandonment harms the environment and it also represents a big cultural loss.

We asked ourselves how we could contribuite in shaping a solution. We understood that the problems are all interconnected and we posed ourselves this question: how can we combine the environmental protection with the solution of severe social issues such as the homelessness?The answer was laying in the question: start from the abandonment to recover the dying territories. Recover a story, starting from the people, the architecture and the environment that they live, that we live.
Acting on the abandonment not only restores marvellous landscapes, but it also satisfies basic needs using what already exists.
Doing so we also create opportunities for the communities to develop in harmony with the environment.Our mission materialises in the ecological restoration of buildings and lands, trying to minimise their impact. The recovered goods will then be assigned to people in need as well as to people interested in the project and a less impactful life. The variety of the assignees will shape a diverse social structure able to transform the marginality into a resource.

Even if our actions will help one more person live better or plant one more tree, we are determined to succeed!