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Transition Leominster

  • Hub: England
  • Topics: Arts, Culture & Society, Energy, Food & drink, Inner Transition, Transport

AGM 2017.PDF


A group organising talks, stalls and other events.
We have been working on an Energy Descent Action Plan for Leominster using the Zero Carbon aims from CAT.
Since the Covid19 pandemic lockdown our group activities have been on hold. Writing now at the end of July things are starting up slowly.

There is no news about when the community choir can start up again.
Our gentle cycle to a local cafe has started up again. The third Wednesday of the month – meet on Corn Square at 10 am. Leominster Community Centre is making plans for opening to groups and meetings so we hope the following activities will start again at the community centre :
Wednesday afternoon weekly Circle dancing
2nd Saturday bimonthly Reiki Healing
3rd Friday monthly Heart and soul group

There is a Time bank operating now in HR6, join up on-line ( at the Grange.

See our Facebook pages for photos and news of events.
Please email for enquiries.