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Sustainable Thornbury is a group of people in Thornbury and the nearby villages in South Gloucestershire, England. We are a community group concerned about sustainability, including climate change, world oil shortages, the rising cost of oil and food and how that will affect our area. We are now an official Transition Initiative (what used to be called a Transition Town).

We want to help make our community ready for the changes we expect in the future. We expect oil to become scarce and expensive. Transport relies on oil, so bringing goods from a long way away will cause problems and be expensive. For essentials like food, it makes sense to produce them locally.

We want to be more energy efficient, and generate more of our energy locally. We want to grow more food locally and to eat more local food. We want to waste less and use more locally produced goods. We want a strong community that feels able to do things for itself. We are not expecting to make Thornbury totally self-sufficient, but we would like to be less dependent on the global economy for our basic needs. We want to keep the good bits of technology but throw away the wasteful bits, the noise, the pollution, the traffic and the stress.

We are interested in lots of topics including:-

  • energy (saving and generating it);
  • food (growing, buying and preserving it);
  • waste (reducing, reusing and recycling);
  • skills;
  • the local economy (jobs, production and trading)  and
  • transport.