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Sunshine Coast CANADA

Sunshine Coast-in-transition is located in the south-western mainland coast of British Columbia, traditional territories of the Sechelt and Squamish First Nations.  The area is accessible by ferry and air/float plane but not by road, due to rugged terrain in the east.  Our members are scattered geographically between Langdale and Pender Harbour in an area called the regional district of the Sunshine Coast.  But most of us  are linked through Permaculture or local grassroots groups that address community resilience,  food sovereignty, environmental awareness raising, sustainable education, co-housing, and land and water stewardship.  

We are grateful to our northern Transition Town Powell River neighbours who helped to get us started.  Our Initiating group completed the Transition Training workshop last month.  At the moment we consider ourselves a temporary regional initiating hub aiming to help ignite Local Transition Initiatives once they’ve achieved adequate numbers to form core groups of their own.