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Sooke Transition Initiative

Sooke is a Municipal District with a village centre surrounded by rural acreages, rural residential subdivisions and forested areas. Population is about 10,000. Adjacent areas are East Sooke, Otter Point and Shirley with similar rural developmental patterns. Sooke is a 45 minute drive under best conditions from Victoria (Bus takes 1 hour 20 minutes).

Formerly a forestry and fishing community, it is now a modest tourist destination and is rapidly becoming a “bedroom” community for Greater Victoria with many people commuting to work from Sooke. Sooke is run by a Mayor and Council which tends to be pro-development. There are significant developmental pressures because there is more room to grow here and the costs are cheaper. This presents some significant challenges for sustainability initiatives.

Sooke has a tradition of volunteerism and a strong community spirit which will help the work of the Sooke Transition group. Also, the population has a high percentage of people who are aware and concerned about environmental, social justice and lifestyle issues that mesh well with the TT model.