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Library Community Network

Library Community Network (LCN) is a directory listing and program offered by the local public library – enabling greater community access to the activities and services offered by nonprofit organizations. Why libraries and nonprofits? Libraries are valued for their skill in information gathering and dissemination, and organizations are valued for the content they
provide; both are valued for the active concern they have for local community. Pairing these two is both useful and practical: the library for having the potential to make culture and services more visible, and nonprofits for enabling individuals to better satisfy their

For the individual, having this access means quicker and more accurate responses when seeking basic services, social contact, interest groups, hobbyists, or activities. It may sound strange to say, but resource options are like having money in the bank, where the value of the
“money” grows only if you spend it. Let it sit there, and it really is of little value to you. Having this kind of money-in-the-bank-resource can be a great thing, but there is often a problem with this idea: most communities don’t tell you where the bank is. You must look for it.