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Ivybridge – PL:21

PL:21 – A Transition Initiative

PL:21 is a Transition Initiative which aims to encourage more ‘Positive Living in the 21st Century’  for Ivybridge and the surrounding area.  Its name is derived from the postcode and where possible the PL concept is used in the naming of the sub groups of the initiative, E.G. Process Litter, Produce Local, Power Less, Petroleum Lite, Picture Life, Purposeful Livelihoods, Prospective Leaders and so on.

PL:21 is a community led grass roots transition initiative.  Focusing on sustainable living in the 21st Century and in common with all Transition initiatives, PL:21 is rising to the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change.  By finding new ways of thinking, working, producing and sharing together at a local level, we are becoming part of a solution rather than part of the problem!

Our collective skills, knowledge and commitment will make the Erme Valley more resilient and sustainable.  Together, we will reduce our acquired and destructive dependence on fossil fuels.  This will in turn make our communities less vulnerable to economic pressures, more self reliant and increasingly vibrant and creative.

PL:21 is working pro-actively with local residents, groups and organizations to meet challenges around issues such as waste, food, transport, energy, and the environment, it is supported by the Ivybridge Town Council and has already established some good partnerships within the town.

Potted History

Sep – Presenting Live – PL:21 (Transition Ivybridge) idea is presented to Ivybridge Town Council, in conjunction with Ivybridge Environmental Action Group (IEAG), gaining council approval.

Apr –
Plant LotsSeedling Swapping Event – An exchange of seedlings at the local Farmers Market.
May – Process Litter – A showing of the film Message in the Waves and a talk by Richard Thompson of the University of Plymouth, resulting in the production of an Ivybridge Bag now on sale at the Ivybridge Information Centre.
Sep – Power LessEnergy Week – A showing of the film An Inconvenient Truth. A Saving Business Energy event with speakers Klaudia Van Gool from Envision, Patrick O’ Connell from Bandvulc Tyres and Giles Boardman of Efficient Light. An Energy Fair featuring talks on Energy Efficiency at Home by Simon Holmes of Devon EEAC, Solar Thermal by Gabriel Wondraush of Sungift Solar, Solar PV by Will Grafton of Natural Watt, Climate Change and Dartmoor by Orlando Rutter of DNPA, Wind Turbines by Phil Neate of Neate Services and Biomass by James Morris of Iris Energy. Being attended by over 100 people.
Nov – Petroleum LiteTransport Day – Featuring talks by Ivybridge Town Councillors Frances Reeve and Phillip Dredge on Ivybridge’s current Bus and Rail links. Paul Papworth from the Energy Savings Trust on how to drive more energy efficiently, Martin Ross of SWW on Cycling With The Use of a Brompton Bike and Barry Griffiths from both the Institute of Civil Engineers and PL:21 on Future Multimodal Transport Systems for Ivybridge. Also Parish LinkedCycle Ride – 18 mile cycle ride connecting the parish centres that make up the Ivybridge District, Cornwood, Harford, Ugborough, Ermington. Highlighting the fact that any sustainable solution for Ivybridge has to include a sustainable solution for the surrounding area. Also Plant Lots – Carbon Offset Tree Planting, planting of over 100 trees in Filham Park, Ivybridge in order to offset some of Ivybridge’s carbon emissions and create a wildlife corridor around the park.

Feb – Plant LotsSeed Swapping event run in partnership with the Ermington Companion Planters at Ermington School.
May – Produce Local – The first local food week, From Plant to Plate, Activities included: Tastings and demonstrations at Countryman’s Choice, Open Garden event, Grow Your Own Food – Emington Companion Planters discussion evening, Guerrilla Gardening talk at University of Plymouth, Wild Food and Edible Landscape Walk along the Erme Valley, Nutritional advice and demonstrations at Nature’s Larder, Music and Poetry on environmental themes at the Imperial Inn, Ivybridge, Country Market, Local Food Market at Glanvilles Mill, including BBQ, bring and buy plants and food stalls
Jul – Permaculture LiveInternational Permaculture Gathering at Riverside, Cleeve, Ivybridge.
Aug – Picture LifeRiver Junk Man Sculpture created from junk removed from the Erme during river clean ups.  Exhibited at Devon Open Studios event ‘Edge’ near Widecombe and at Lukesland Gardens.
Sep – Process Litter – On going River Erme clean ups and litter picking around Ivybridge.
Oct – Power Less – participation in Dartmoor and Exmoor’s Low Carbon Festival.  One member attended the Met Office opening event, which included the Launch of  Dartmoor Circle Ltd.  Dartmoor Circle is a cooperative social enterprise venture, comprising sustainable living and environmental groups from Dartmoor and its surrounding area.  The IEAG/PL21 partnership is a member of Dartmoor Circle and PL:21’s Tess Wilmot serves as a director.  Ivybridge’s activities in the festival included: Low Carbon Event in Ivybridge Methodist Church Hall, Sustainable living themed music event at the Imperial Inn, Walk up to the moor from the town.
Nov – Process Litter – Members of PL:21 attended and spoke at the 1st Lee Mill mass incinerator proposal meeting, Chapel Place.

Jan – PL:21 our Transition Initiative officially became a separate organization with it’s own constitution. IEAG becoming a working group of PL:21, rather than vice versa.
Feb – Plant Lots – In partnership with Ermington’s Companion Planters, PL:21 had the Seedy Saturday event for the 2nd year.
Mar – Prospective Leaders – IEAG organized 4 learning workshops with funding from Learn Devon.  These workshops were provided free to participants and feedback indicates that they were enjoyable and effective.  This is the first time IEAG has organised training events.  Learn Devon were particularly impressed with our applications and our attention to progression routes.  The workshops were: Natural Nests led by Amanda Pellatt, Felt Making led by Esin Forster and Diane Wosley, Permaculture in the Landscape led by Tess Wilmot, Trees for Health in Longtimber Woods led by Liz Turner.
Apr – Process Litter – Ongoing collaboration with Ecoivy, DAIA, CAVIL, SHFOE, supporting the campaign against the proposed mass incineration at Lee Mill and coming up with viable alternatives. Thanks to everyone who put so much effort into getting as many people as possible to write objecting to the incinerator! Lots of people did write! Also ongoing River Erme clean ups.
Jun – Protecting Livelihoods – Ivybridge gains Fair Trade Status! One of our members, Janet Parsons, along with the guides and rangers have worked really hard to get this acknowledgment for Ivybridge. Also Prospective LeadersElderflowers and wild food Day with Liz Turner of Trees for Health.
Jul – Power LessMicro Hydro on the River Erme – A working group looks at various sites to discuss options.
Aug – Petroleum LiteCllr Phillip Dredge and the Ivybridge Rail Users Group continue to work hard keeping the trains for Ivybridge high on the agenda.
Sep – Produce Local – PL:21’s Local Food stall attended the Country Markets 25th celebrations. This is a brilliant example of a local food co-operative and represents an ideal opportunity to promote local food as an ongoing project in collaboration with PL:21.
Oct – Produce Local – Apple pressing At Riverside, Cleeve, Ivybridge.
Nov – Process Litter‘Option 7’ Event – A Community Alternative to Incineration – the Watermark, Ivybridge. Culmination of a lot of hard work being put in to come up with an alternative plan to Devon’s waste problem. Also Plant Lots – More Carbon Offset Tree Planting in Filham Park, Ivybridge.

Jan – Party LotsCornwood Wassailing Event – Cornwood has revived the ancient tradition of Wassailing. Wassails are meant to ensure the orchard is safe from ‘evil spirits’ and that the trees will fruit well again in the coming year. Also Process Litter‘Option 7’ Event – Follow up event to A Community Alternative to Incineration held in November.