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Esthetic Revolution

The Moulin Bregeon has been bought by Jonathan Robinson 20 years ago into creating a place that respect fench esthetism and further more. The community has grown these last years and want to go to the next step thanks to Internet.

Community spirits as a basic

Everybody is involved in the decision making process and Jonh’s owner status doesn’t change anything. Since ideas can bring something to the project, we need to discuss about them. This lead to situation specific to communities : messy and powerfull at the same time. Appreciate Challenges is a prerequisite. Jonathan, Pascal and Bernard define the core of the community and welcome people with humanity and warmness. Each of them is in charge of a part of the project and even if sometimes it’s hard to understand, it’s working ! After a while, people can easily find their place into it.

An ambitious and crazy project :

Esthetic is everywhere and is part of our environment. As the darkness of a night club will facilitate a sort of communication, the austerity of an open space will have a bad effect. Harmonise colors, wood and proportions is a growing business targeting hipsters. Here, we want to redistribute beauty for everyone by getting wealthy people here to develop the project.

All of the building, garden and decision are made in ecoconscious way and are very concerned about futures generation.