The Transition Bristol story so far

Transition Bristol is a volunteer-led initiative that acts as a support and enabler for city-level resilience projects in Bristol. Our current core team is made up of Ciaran Mundy, Angela Raffle, Simone Osborn, Kristin Sponsler, Jeremy LeFevre and Tom Henfrey.

We’re not offering the solution – rather we believe that there are many solutions and that the skills, knowledge, creativity and experience of the community is where they can be found. What we want to see is Bristol’s transition from an energy dependent system to a locally resilient, sustainable, productive and vibrant city. We think decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels could be an opportunity to create a better standard of living than we have now, where community is more important than consuming.

There are several Transition Neighbourhoods – community led local initiatives. If there isn’t one in your area but you’d like to set one up or meet others who may be interested – contact us.

See the events page for details of all the exciting events that are going on around Bristol and Bristol’s Transition Neighbourhoods.

The Transition process is constantly evolving, as more of us take up the challenge and run with it, flexibly adapting to the situations around us. There is more work to do before we can truly “unleash the collective genius” of the whole of Bristol. Get involved!

Transition Bristol’s Roots

Transition Bristol was originated by Sarah Pugh early in 2007 with formation of a Steering Group and initiation of a series of awareness raising events.

The organisation was formally registered in June 2007 as a Limited Liability Company. Registered by Guarantee.

The current Directors are:

Paul Baker
Peter Lipman
Ciaran Mundy
Angela Raffle