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Transition Town Bridport was formed in early 2009 to bring together the people of the market town of Bridport, with the surrounding rural communities. Bridport is a great place to live but transition can make it even better – not only for us, but for generations to come. Our mission is to generate a sustainable lifestyle by becoming as self-sufficient as possible, whilst remembering we’re part of a global community.

We have a wealth of groups and projects in Bridport, working towards a sustainable future through reducing our dependency on finite resources. The town is a market place with a strong economy and vibrant successful community. Buying excellent produce from local farm shops and markets is really possible, as well as employing local tradesmen. Renewable resources, reducing waste and the sharing of skills and resources are issues which are being discussed and acted upon in Bridport. The psychology of change is explored in the Heart and Soul group. Visit our website to read about our projects and events and keep an eye on the transition process here.