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Thanks for taking a look at Bolton’s transition town initiative.

We showed ‘the power of community’ in winter 2008, as a result of that first film night a local school were able to set asside land that now houses a community growing project that has regular daily volunteers in north Bolton.

As of June 2015 we’re please to say this is still well used and now has an orchard and local shcolls visit and learn about nature and growing.

On 20th October 2010 we had an stand at the Climate Change conference at Bolton Town Hall where we were surprised to be welcomed by the Councils Town Planner who is responsible for overall sustainable development. About 20 new people joined our mailing list and were invited to our next film in Nov 2010.

Jan 2011 – we have an action plan for 2011 – films – events – engage with local council more  – We showed a film each month in the town at different venues and attracted anywhere between 20 and 50 people each evening. Engaging with Bolton council was harder than it seems, they are an organisation made up of 24,000 people… The town has 294,000 people living in it! The Council have planned to build on several farms and have allocated many playing feilds for building – this is something they call the LDF or local development framework – Locals are just beginning to understand what this means for them.

Feb 2011 – 3 members have now completed the 72 hour permaculture design course

2012 – We held a public meeting and invited a wide range of organisations & followed the general TT advice. Some people from the university were involved and from various local organisations like Bolton College.

At a recent Transition Town event held on 11 Feb 2012 local people got together and asked themselves..

“What will Bolton Look like in 14 years time – and how will we get there?”

We also held an open meeting at Bolton College, showed a film relating to climate change and peak oil. Representatives from 30 or so local environmental / charity / arts orgaisations attended.

The Global financial crisis was still unfolding and many public sector organisations are under pressure to keep their wheels on. There has been a noticable lack of interest in anything that does not keep the wheels on the existing economy despite all the evidence brought forward by the TT movement that we are facing a world where we have to work out how to run a completley different economy with less and less of the worlds natural resources available to all of us.

The Resource depletion is still not openly recognised in political circles, until the country faces upto reality we’ll carry on becoming more resilient locally.

March 2013 – Some of our members have been planting orchards, learning new growing skills and passing on information to the TT mailing list.

TT Bolton are hosting the annual get together with many food groups called “feeding manchester” in March.

In 2015 members spent more time doing what drove them. some blooged , some made forest gardens , some finished courses and got on with life.

Moving goods without transport and usshering in new kinds of apprenticeship was an interesting perspective on how we might avoid battles of the last resources on earth.

This kind of model puts the existing model out of business and that’s the problem – so as permaculture teached the problem is the solution.

And the solution is to pay everyone in water saved currencies – when you apply this at a household level – 50% of water wasted (250,000 litres) in many westernhomes is flushed down the toilet and the water companies that supply the water are often owned by private companies and make say a few hundred million a year. Thats peanuts to what water is really worth. Why not put in waterless toilets and pay households a living wage or £250,000 every year not to waste the water.

Evolving that idea we came up with the idea of a Bog Bank – the worlds first offgrid bank – powered by POO and with it’s own bank ledger debit card system so that your electronic digits are o yout own debit card. Whats good for banks is good for humans – we’ll create our own credit?

Laughing also became important…

How different the world is – how damaged the financial apparatus that controls the worlds cities – how fake out political process – how funny it all is.

Laugh 🙂

Thanks for reading

Please find out more and come along and get involved.

Ann, Elizabeth, Boyd, Vicky, Steve, Elspeth, Sue, Lynsey

[ Sept 2008 – Feb 2013 ]