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Xóm Bắc Cầu – Garden

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  • Topics: Ambiente natural, Arts, Built environment, Comida e bebida, Conhecimento e aprendizado, Cultura e sociedade, Food & drink, Inner Transition, Knowledge & learning, Natural environment


Just outside of Hanoi, on the peninsula of Bắc Cầu, between the arms of the Red River and the Duong River, is a garden… The Garden of Xóm Bắc Cầu.
It defines as a Community Garden: a place of friendliness, exchange and sharing.
Children and their parents are invited to discover freely XBC: the site spreads over 4,500 sq, 6 buildings & green areas. A Permaculture Garden, with more than 200 species of plants! Collaborative events and workshops aims to offer concrete experimentation of sustainable practice and illustration of simple living.
Stay tuned !
? Possible to rent the space for your private event : Ask for availabilities
? Every Sunday at 3.00pm Guided Tour of the site (VN/EN/FR/I). Join us !
Weekdays : 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Weekends : 8.30am - 6.30pm


                                  SÔNG RESTAURANT
Sông is a Gastronomic Concept inspired by the rich biodiversity that inhabits the peninsula of Bac Cau.
- Lunch in the Organic Farm / Every Weekends : 11.00pm - 15.00pm
- Private Culinary Experience : Tailor-made Menu / ON RESERVATION
- Workshop
- Address your request to the Chef  : / FB:@nhahangsong

                                FIELD TRIP PROGRAM
Xóm Bắc Cầu is happy to provide Schools, Organizations and Families with Work Platforms & Outdoor Curriculums.
- All along the year / Ask for Availabilities
- For all ages
- For small and big group. At this time, we are able to accommodate 
groups up to 50 with a facilitator to student ratio of 1:10
- If your group requires facilitators or professional teachers, 
please inquire about our staff availabilities. 
We cannot offer a field trip for groups without the right number of 
train facilitators on site.

                                INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
Give an hand on our several works as a Volunteers, for short or long stay. Learn and practice: Permaculture, Eco-Construction, Simple-Living, Cooking, Community Management !
All along the year / ON REGISTRATION
Mornings : 8.30pm - 11.30pm
Afternoons : 3.00pm - 5.30pm
Accommodation could be provided
                            ARTISTIC EXCHANGE PROGRAM
Xóm Bắc Cầu is a place of support for emerging artistic creation. It can accommodate all disciplines of arts and crafts, if included a creation process responsible for the environment.
CYCLE #1, 2020 / 01.04 - 20.06 - Cancelled CoVid19
CYCLE #2, 2020 / 01.10 - 20.12


                     ?ALL INFOS:
                     CONTACT:                     FB: @BacCauGarden                     Insta: @xom.baccau
                     ADDRESS: So 1, Alley 404 Pho Bắc CầuNgọc Thụy, 
                     Long Biên, Hà Nội, Vietnam
XBC is a non-profit and member-driven organisation born in 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam.